Junior Giants Program

2019 Junior Giants Sacramento Volunteer Registration



You are the most important person in our organization.

You determine the kind of experience our players will have this season. We are committed to the principles of positive coaching. We expect our coaches to prepare their players to perform to their maximum potential and most importantly, we want you to be a role model and teach life lessons. As a Junior Giants coach, please take the following pledge for the upcoming season:

 I pledge to:

  • Commit to my role as a coach or team parent for the entire 8 week Junior Giants season.

  • Be present at all practices and games during the season. If I am unable to attend, I will communicate that in advance and have an assistant coach take my place.

  • Be on time for all of my team’s practices and games.

  • Communicate with my team and parents when changes have been made to the practice or game schedule.

  • Teach the game of baseball as well as the Four Bases of Character Development – Confidence, Integrity, Leadership and Teamwork.

  • Encourage participation in the Education, Health and Bullying Prevention programs.



  • Keep the atmosphere of Junior Giants noncompetitive and allow each participant equal opportunities in games and practices.

  • Encourage participants to move outside their comfort zone on the field through positive reinforcement.

  • Follow the Coach and Team Parent Game Plan for the Word of the Week, programs, and rewards.

  • Teach the Four Bases of Character Development and encourage participation in the Education, Health and Bullying Prevention programs.

  • Model good behavior toward both youth and adults.

  • Create an organized atmosphere that’s conducive to fun and learning.